Teach Your Kids To Make Money Online

Kingdom of Ecom Ebook

Do you want to invest in your child’s future?

Then help your child learn how to make money online.

This 60-page ebook teaches ecommerce basics so kids aged 8 to 12 can start getting cash and confidence online.

Kids will learn about:

⭐️ Basic economic concepts to understand full picture
⭐️ Doing market research the easy way to save time
⭐️ Brainstorming product ideas to pick a winner
⭐️ Avoiding common supplier pitfalls to avoid risk
⭐️ Providing superstar service to keep customers

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Why This Ebook?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your kid had a side project online that was making them money?

In today’s world of uncertainty and mass automation, teaching a child the baby bites (pun alert!) of building an extra source of income can provide them a safety net for the future. 

This ebook explains complex business-related ideas in a simple, fun and engaging way that kids really love and understand.

It helps you, the parents, educate your children about self-attained wealth to financially support themselves and have the freedom to pursue their true passions in life.

And if your kids start making big bucks online you will save some serious pocket allowance 😉


High School Teacher

“This book is wonderful as it introduces the fundamentals of economics and the idea of money to the children at the age when they usually start to handle their pocket money. The characters are great, and the story is very engaging.”



Home Mom Superstar

“The book is very fun to read. My girls were really involved with the story and wanted to know what was next.”

Why Kids Like It

Easy Economics

Jump in and find out why we use money and trade with each other!

Ingenious Ideas

Become the mad scientist and do experiments with your ideas!

Perfect Products

Play a detective and investigate different products to choose a real winner!

Stellar Suppliers

Learn how to look for and find the best suppliers in the galaxy!

Mega Marketing

Learn about naming your awesome idea and making a logo!

Super Service

Be a superhero to your customers and save them from the baddies!

Free Stuff!

Wonderful Workbook

This fun, colourful .pdf workbook is designed to be used together with the ebook. It increases the learning immersion, helping retain more information and better understand subjects.

Adventure Plan

This is a printable .pdf plan with easy questions that will help your child start safe trading online and be on the road towards making their first income. Check them off as you answer them!

About the Author


Ivo Alexandroff

Ivo has extensive experience in global online trading. Originally from New Zealand, he
has successfully used local and international selling platforms such as TradeMe and Ebay.
He knows how to find reliable, cost-effective suppliers and negotiate good terms of trade.

Now, Ivo is passionate about passing these skills to the younger generations. He believes
this knowledge will enable your kids to be more confident on the internet, while earning their
first “Internet Dollars” ethically and sustainably.

Having learnt from early education professionals and child psychologists, Ivo presents his
teachings in a very fun and engaging way, that is sure to keep your kids glued to the pages.