google trends

What’s up everyone, Kai here!

Today let’s talk about this amazing secret (or not-so-secret lol) weapon that every online ninja should use. *drumroll please* Google Trends.

“Hang on a second”, you might say, “what are these trends and why are they important?”

Here is an example that you may know very well 😉

Do you remember when Fortnite first came out in September 2017? The game very quickly became super-duper popular. We can see that from the number of times people all over the world have searched for the word “Fortnite” on Google (pictures are taken from Google Trends website).

popularity growth

After the quick growth in popularity (first arrow pointing upwards) the buzz settled. Less people were searching for the word “Fortnite” as everyone already knew about this cool game. You can see the number of searches go flat in the picture (second arrow pointing downwards).

up and down trends

The up and down movement in popularity of something over time is called a TREND.

Below you can see how the popularity of Fortnite has changed over the past few years after it was released.

popularity over time

Now let’s answer the second question – why are trends so important?

Well, let’s say Johnny really likes apples. He knows that the best apples are ones that are fresh off the tree. When are apples picked in the orchards? Usually during autumn when they are ripe after a hot summer ☀️

Let’s confirm this by typing “apples” into Google Trends and checking it out. Boom! We can see that Johnny is not the only one who likes fresh apples. Lots of other people are searching for the word “apples” during the months of September and October, when the apples ripen.

apples trend

The best thing is that we don’t need to know when apples are the best in the first place. We can just check Google Trends and it will show us when the word “apples” is the most popular.

Did you notice that this spike in popularity happens every year? This trend is called seasonal because it repeats every season. Armed with this knowledge, you can now plan your perfect apple picking weekend 🍏🍎

You can do the same with any word that comes to mind. Try a few now! go to Google Trends website and type in “Lego”, “cricket bat” and “tomato”.

Comment below and let me know what time of the year your word is most popular.