Hey, my name is Kai the Fire Dragon!

I am ten years old and live in the awesome Lava Cave. Do do you know why it is called Lava Cave? You guessed it – there are rivers of flowing molten lava everywhere! But I am not afraid of it. Being a Fire Dragon I actually enjoy the heat from lava and it looks so cool! I also like BBQ shrimps. One thing I don’t like though are black jelly beans.

Oh, and I can also breathe FIRE! 🔥 Well, almost… I have been learning how to breathe fire since I was seven years old. As far as fire-breathing goes I can spit out a small flame that will start a small campfire or cook two medium-sized eggs. I believe that is great progress and I am very proud of myself. 🍳

And I am Zoe the Ice Dragon!

I am a bit older than Kai. Recently I turned twelve and had a very fun birthday with all my dragon friends! The party was at my house located on Frost Peak. It is a very cold place on top of a high mountain and all year around the freezings winds bring blizzards and storms past Frost Peak. I think that icicles covered in snow look like huge cones of ice cream topped with big lumps of frosting sugar!

I love ice cream and can even make some myself. Now I am learning how to breathe out ICE ❄️ and I am getting quite good at it! If you bring me some milk and your favourite ice cream flavour I can freeze it with my breath in less than 5 seconds. How *cool* is that? Ice cream for everyone! 🍦