Before we start learning about hunting for treasure in the amazing world of E-Commerce, let’s cover some online safety basics. The internet is a huge place and you need to know how to keep the baddies away!

Here are a couple of useful tips that will keep you out of trouble. Let’s go!

1. Not everything online is the truth 🕵️‍♂️

There are many websites that say things that are simply not true. Some of them try to sell you stuff and others make up stories just to attract your attention. Be aware of this, and always check with responsible adults if the website is legitimate or not.

2. Personal data is personal 🤫

Don’t share your personal data freely online. Your details such as your age, address and phone number are for you, your friends and parents only. If a website asks you to enter these details it is very important to ask grownups if it’s OK.

3. The internet remembers everything 🧠

Most websites have little robots that remember everything you do. Some of them are called “cookies” which save your activity details. This is done to speed up loading times of the website when you visit it next time. So be careful of what you write or post and don’t share private information.

4. Cyberbullying is bad 😡

Never bully someone else online. It is simply bad manners and nobody wants to hang out with bullies! If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, tell your parents straight away because they will know how to deal with them.

5. Passwords are good 🔒

Always use strong passwords when you are registering on a website. Use a variety of characters to make your password super-hard to guess.

Here are some examples:

lower case letters
12345 numbers
!/$%? symbols

Once you create the strongest password in the world, make sure you write it down so you don’t forget it.

6. Malware often hides 🤖

“Malware” are bad programs or apps that can sneak in to your computer from a website. They are harmful and can steal your details. Talk to the grownups about using an Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus on your computer. They act as guards of your online HeadQuarters and do not let the intruders in.

Well, that about does it! Please remember these useful hints and I am sure you will stay safe online. If you have any questions, please ask straight away and I will do my best to help you.

Have fun, and stay safe!