What’s up everyone, Kai here!

As you remember from the ebook, Zoe found a great product to help the kingdom dwellers cool down during summer. With her icy breath, she turned her own T-shirt into a wearable chiller! Straight away we realised that many creatures would love to wear these cold shirts under the blazing sun.

So, have you found a need and have an idea of how you can help people with that need? If you plan to solve that need with a physical product, you need to get that product from somewhere first. There are two main roads you can take.

You can either make the product yourself or buy it ready-made from someone else.

You will need to decide what suits you best and choose that option or pick a mix of both. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind.

Make the product yourself


1. Often you don’t need a lot of money to start making something (Zoe can make the icy T-shirts for free, just by using her icy breath)

2. You can easily control the quality of the product (we can check every shirt before selling it)

3. You can change how the product looks at any time (if Zoe thinks that the shirts are a bit boring she can draw on them first before making them icy)


1. Making a product yourself can take a lot of time and energy (Zoe could only make 20 icy T-shirts per day before getting tired)

2. Limited product choice (it would be hard for Zoe to make chocolate popsicles because she doesn’t know the recipe)

Buy a product that is already made


1. If you don’t have much time, you can pay someone else to make the product for you (I suggested to pay Zoe’s cousins to help her make ice T-shirts)

2. You can order almost anything you want, even if you don’t know how to make the product yourself (if Zoe wanted to sell wooden yoyos, she could order them from another kingdom)


1. Asking someone to make the product for you can cost more (Zoe’s cousins will be paid some coins, while Zoe can make the shirts for free)

2. Some animals don’t mean well and can trick you but luckily it doesn’t happen too often (If Zoe ordered wooden yoyos and paid for her order first, the seller could steal the money and not send yoyos to her)

3. Often sellers will ask for big order and would not sell just one or two products (Zoe would need to order at least 100 yoyos)

And now… Quiz time!

Which of these products would you make yourself and which would you buy from someone else?

Have a good think about this and remember: there are no wrong answers 🍎

– Kai